Jun 20, 2011

Bedtime with Letterman

Thanks to Roman May

When getting ready for bed, I enjoy turning on the television in the bedroom and watching "The Late Show With David Letterman" on my satellite TV from BestChoiceTV.com. I usually change into my pajamas and brush my teeth during his monologue. Letterman is so funny and quick. I love his dry delivery and how he makes fun of himself. He has definitely seemed to soften his personality since having his heart attack and after the birth of his son. Letterman also has a good report with the musical director Paul Schaffer. 

I'm usually snug under my bed covers by the time the first guest comes on stage, but sometimes I am still folding laundry or straightening the room. The Top Ten List is usually entertaining with at least few hilarious entries but most are not very funny. My favorite regular segments are the Stupid Pet Tricks and Stupid Human Tricks. The acts are usually pretty entertaining plus it is fun to watch the animals react to the audience, lights, and Letterman. My favorite guest is animal expert Jack Hanna. He and Letterman play off of each other so well. Also, Hanna often brings on unusual and exotic pets which can be unpredictable. Recently, I enjoyed the appearance by singer Justin Bieber reading the Top Ten and how Letterman teased Martha Stewart. He has such good comedic timing!
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