Dec 21, 2010

Guest Post: Cookie cutters for Christmas

Guest post written by Holly Nielson

I'm by far the least domestic of all my friends, as in I'm not that great at cooking. But, one thing that I'm really good at is baking. When I was browsing for some more cooking supplies a couple of weeks ago, I got a really great idea for something to give them all for Christmas. I had been putting off buying them gifts for a while so I thought that would be perfect.

I went online to try and find some cookie cutters for them. I thought that it would be a really cute gift to wrap up a set of nice cookie cutters into a gift basket and tie it up with a ribbon. While I was doing that I came across the website and after that I decided to change over my internet access to that company.

I found a really great clearance on cookie cutters of all kinds of shapes and sizes. So I bought a whole bunch of the cookie cutters and got some really cheap gift baskets to put them all in. I think my friends are going to love my gifts.

Dec 4, 2010

Guest Post: Best Christmas lights display in the neighborhood

Guest post written by George Marshall

We probably put way too much thought into our Christmas lights display at our house every year, but it's one of our little hobbies. As soon as the kids start back at school in the fall, I start getting ideas online and trying to figure out new ways to rig up our lights so that they're look even better and be the best in the neighborhood.

I was online with our clear tv bundle a few weeks ago and found all kinds of great ideas to use! While I was at it, I also ordered a new ladder that would make hanging up lights on our roof and in our trees a bit easier.

I just finished all the finishing touches on our lights display during Thanksgiving weekend, although I started putting up some of it weeks before that. I like to take my time putting up everything so that it will all look perfect and itÕs easier to figure out how to plug everything up, to make sure that everything is electrically safe.

Dec 2, 2010

Guest Post: Michael J. Fox

Thanks for the post from Hal Potter

One the most interesting television actors was Michael J Fox. Most people have Michael J. Fox as a favorite television actor from his role in the show Family Ties. In this role, he played a role as the middle child having two sisters. His character was intriguing as a favorite television actor because it was the only character role on television that portrayed a liking to Wall Street. The show then disappeared from network television only to reemerge when everyone began watching their favorite actor on Direct Star TV.

As a favorite television actor, Michael J. Fox popularity increased due to his unbelievable fight with Parkinson's disease. His career as an actor had then changed. Everyone's favorite television actor became a compassionate, and desperate individual. Although his career as a favorite television actor was not destroyed, it was forever embraced by those fighting Parkinson's disease now. Our favorite television actor demonstrated that Hollywood is not void of terminal illnesses.

As his career moves on, Michael J. Fox will always be cherished as one of Americas favorite television actors. A little unknown fact by most Americans that Michael J. Fox's middle initial is really A[ndrews]. The change in the initials by our favorite television actor was due to the sounding: Michael A. Fox. The change was then made to Michael J. Fox.
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