Dec 21, 2010

Guest Post: Cookie cutters for Christmas

Guest post written by Holly Nielson

I'm by far the least domestic of all my friends, as in I'm not that great at cooking. But, one thing that I'm really good at is baking. When I was browsing for some more cooking supplies a couple of weeks ago, I got a really great idea for something to give them all for Christmas. I had been putting off buying them gifts for a while so I thought that would be perfect.

I went online to try and find some cookie cutters for them. I thought that it would be a really cute gift to wrap up a set of nice cookie cutters into a gift basket and tie it up with a ribbon. While I was doing that I came across the website and after that I decided to change over my internet access to that company.

I found a really great clearance on cookie cutters of all kinds of shapes and sizes. So I bought a whole bunch of the cookie cutters and got some really cheap gift baskets to put them all in. I think my friends are going to love my gifts.

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