Dec 2, 2010

Guest Post: Michael J. Fox

Thanks for the post from Hal Potter

One the most interesting television actors was Michael J Fox. Most people have Michael J. Fox as a favorite television actor from his role in the show Family Ties. In this role, he played a role as the middle child having two sisters. His character was intriguing as a favorite television actor because it was the only character role on television that portrayed a liking to Wall Street. The show then disappeared from network television only to reemerge when everyone began watching their favorite actor on Direct Star TV.

As a favorite television actor, Michael J. Fox popularity increased due to his unbelievable fight with Parkinson's disease. His career as an actor had then changed. Everyone's favorite television actor became a compassionate, and desperate individual. Although his career as a favorite television actor was not destroyed, it was forever embraced by those fighting Parkinson's disease now. Our favorite television actor demonstrated that Hollywood is not void of terminal illnesses.

As his career moves on, Michael J. Fox will always be cherished as one of Americas favorite television actors. A little unknown fact by most Americans that Michael J. Fox's middle initial is really A[ndrews]. The change in the initials by our favorite television actor was due to the sounding: Michael A. Fox. The change was then made to Michael J. Fox.

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