Dec 4, 2010

Guest Post: Best Christmas lights display in the neighborhood

Guest post written by George Marshall

We probably put way too much thought into our Christmas lights display at our house every year, but it's one of our little hobbies. As soon as the kids start back at school in the fall, I start getting ideas online and trying to figure out new ways to rig up our lights so that they're look even better and be the best in the neighborhood.

I was online with our clear tv bundle a few weeks ago and found all kinds of great ideas to use! While I was at it, I also ordered a new ladder that would make hanging up lights on our roof and in our trees a bit easier.

I just finished all the finishing touches on our lights display during Thanksgiving weekend, although I started putting up some of it weeks before that. I like to take my time putting up everything so that it will all look perfect and itÕs easier to figure out how to plug everything up, to make sure that everything is electrically safe.

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