Nov 14, 2008

In the mood for a "Climate Change?"

I wrote a song called "Climate Change" back in late March 2006. Hard to believe that was close to 3 years ago. The song sat on the back burner for quite a while, for about a year actually, until it made an appearance on my Myspace page. It now resides four tunes down in my Reverbnation music player on the right. It's very rare for me to explain the meaning behind my songs but some for some reason this one is different.

I started writing the song on a trip back to Maine from Florida, quite literally a climate change. And really, that's how the idea started, that harsh reality of having to leave the sunny, sandy beaches for the still snow covered hills of home. But the trip also had another meaning for me. It came in a point in time that felt like a last stand, a last chance to get out and do something before the responsibility of life took over, the reality of the "real" world.

I had been out of college for a year at that point but I still hadn't hooked onto a full-time job and that college mind set was still there. I still felt I could stay up late, go on road trips, hang out with friends every day of the week, be a kid. Things had to change.

A year later, I had a full-time job and my own place with my girlfriend. Another huge change was about to occur. Maybe minuscule in the mind of another but huge in mine. We were planning on moving, away from the area I had spent the last 12 years of my life, away from family, to a larger city and a new job. This song immediately came to mind and I finally had the motivation to finish it and lay it down. It really wraps up all the insecurities and worries of how this change would effect me. But also, that the change had to happen and I had to deal with it.

Hopefully someday I'll have a better chance at giving this song a decent recording and a bit more justice. Let me know what you think and take your own meaning from it, that's usually why I don't divulge. That's one of things I love about music the most, grabbing my own meaning out of songs that may never have been intended by the artist. In a way, making every song my own.

So make this one your own and I'll see you soon. In the meantime, keep rockin'!


Linda said...

Great Post...Ya life is full of change...I hear ya. I love music for that reason as can express your emotions in anyway that you want and in the end everyone takes away something from that song that means the most to them.


Frye said...

Thanks for the comment Linda. I appreciate you giving my blog a read. Rock on!

Rick said...

One of your better songs......
Great sound, music, lyrics....
I also look forward to the day that it and many more of your songs can be heard by many others.
Keep on writing, keep on expressing
what you feel, what you experience.
Stay positive... you're time will come......


Frye said...

Thanks for the comment, Rick. You sure know how to make a guy feel good about his music.

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