May 13, 2009

Music Video Before The Song

It's funny how ideas come to be especially because when it comes to my songwriting, they never seem to come the same way twice. One song might be inspired by a title I wrote down two years ago, another might be inspired by a movie I just watched, another may come about because I'm annoyed that there's no milk for my morning wheat flakes and banana. Because of this inspirational inconsistency it becomes tough sometimes to get things together and focus on writing a tune.

Two nights ago an even weirder scenario played out as I tried to go to sleep. As I doze off toward sleep is a common time for my brain to decide it wants to work and in turn it's one of those times where I lose what at the time seem to be the best ideas that have ever come to me. This particular flash of "inspirado" as Tenacious D might put it didn't come in the form of song, it came in the form of video.

I closed my eyes and there it was, the music video for a song yet to be imagined. I watched it play out in strange clarity as if I was watching MTV on mute. (Maybe not MTV, they hardly play music videos anymore, but you get the point.) It took me a while to find sleep as the ideas continued to cycle, adding clips of footage here and there, characters changing and camera angles correcting. But overall the concept stayed the same.

I woke the next day with a surprising remembrance of the yet to be created video for the non-existent song so I decided to take some notes and draw a picture that more or less summed it up. The exciting part is that the video that played behind my eyelids was pretty simple, a concept that actually could be a possibility for me to create. Now if I only had the song to go along with it.

That leads to inspiration idea #598 (random number here to exaggerate my point): Get ideas and write a song based on the music video for that song.

This has to be screwing with the time/space continuum somehow.


Stephen Eli Harris said...

Sounds like a bass-ackwards way to do things but if it works, it's all good!

By the way, I went to your reverbnation site a couple days ago to listen to some of your tunes and they sound great. Haven't had a chance to check them all out yet, but I will!

Great stuff.

Eric Frye said...

It is quite backwards but we'll see how it goes. And after watching the Lost season finale tonight I don't think I have to worry about the time/space continuum one bit.

Thanks for checking out my tunes. I'm glad you liked them. I really appreciate you taking the time! Hope you enjoy the rest. Rock on!

FishHawk said...

Now, that you have been given the vision for the video, think about where it actually came from. For what you experienced is one of the ways that our Heavenly Father "speaks" to us, and the words and music may be soon to follow, which may or may not be what most would consider to be a "Christian" song.

Eric Frye said...

Thanks for the kind words. :-)

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