Apr 19, 2011

Guest Post: Have a Great Super Bowl Party

Guest post from: Bruno Smith

How do you have a great Super Bowl Party? One of the first things you need if you want to have a great Super Bowl Party is a nice television. My guests enjoy the game on my satellite tv from CannonSatellite.com. They also love the large and crisp display. I believe that when hosting a Super Bowl party you need a large screen television. The experience just isn't the same with a room full of people trying to watch the game on a smaller screen TV. The display should be over 50 inches and in HD.

Guests are going to be hungry. I make sure I have plenty of food. I'd rather have too much to eat than not enough food. Try to mix it up a little so guests have a variety to choose from. I usually put out a table with plenty of chips on it. I have different flavors ranging from regular to sour cream and onion. Can't forget the dip.

At one Super Bowl Party I put out a do-it-yourself taco salad option. A table was set up with all the ingredients and you could custom make your own taco salad. People loved it. I think I might have that set up again this year.

Don't forget the beverages. People will be thirsty. Get a variety and have a great Super Bowl party.

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