Jul 12, 2011

Making Money In Music Production

I've been writing a lot and I've been working a lot. Those are the two things that are on my mind constantly these days. Most of the time, thoughts of music tend to win out. I find myself humming melodies and jotting down lyrics during the work day while having the overwhelming feeling that I need to get home to my guitar before I lose that precious inspiration.

Whenever there's actual thoughts of work that clog my head, those thoughts wander toward getting out and doing work that I would enjoy in the long haul. As much as I've been writing music lately, the idea of making a career in music production haunts me, whether it be making music in a band, writing songs for other artists, or working in a studio helping other people create music. Where I would even begin is mind boggling and how to make a career out of it seems beyond fathomable. 

Today was one of those days that I truly had to get out. I left my job as a screen printer early today in a haze of toxic solvents and exhaustion wondering what I could possibly do to get out my rut and take a leap toward doing something that I would love to do instead of just being content. I've thought about dabbling in video production. My mediocre knowledge of computers aside, I've always enjoyed making videos that involve my music. I don't see any money in that at the moment, more than anything it would be a chance to branch out and try something a little more creative. Though it steers away from my music a bit, I've also thought about things such as voice over work. I've always felt I had a really decent singing voice but the main challenge with doing voice overs would be becoming more confident in the sound of my speaking voice. 

Overall, I'm getting more confident every day in my skills as a songwriter. Turning my love for music into a career would be a dream come true, even if it only played a supporting role. Anything would beat how I feel about my current job sometimes and I definitely look forward to taking the risk. For now, with money tight and a wedding in the near future, money is my focus. So as long as I can keep writing my songs in my free time, I am content with being content, getting paid and daydreaming about all the things that could lead to a career in music. 

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