Nov 4, 2011

Mom is Tough

Guest post from: Bruno Smith

Moving was tough but the hardest part of all was having to redo this house. I was worried I wouldn’t know enough about carpentry and stuff like that to get it under control but I tell you one thing, when you’re in that situation you really do learn fast! I wish I knew more but I’m learning as I go and I already feel better about being able to do things like put up bathroom tiles and lay carpet. My husband is more concerned with things like adt Nevada and getting the surround sound hooked up but you know, that’s all superfluous to me. I just care about getting this place livable compared to what I’m looking for which really isn’t all that much. We’re both getting better at contracting and I’ve gotten really, really good at hiring people to do the stuff I can’t. This place looks totally different than when I started with it and I count that as a success at the end of the day, I think!

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