Mar 25, 2012


Thanks to Roman May

I have really gotten into watching an old show lately on Directv that I never thought that I would ever like. I was flipping through the channels one day and a rerun of the “X-Files” was on. I remember hearing about the show in the nineties, but honestly, it was before my time and I was a little too young to watch it. I remember my parents being fans of the show, but I never watched it. I have always been terrified of all things UFO and ghostly. I thought that the “X-Files” was just going to be terrifying, but I was wrong! The show has a great story line. The two agents that work together for the FBI have great chemistry and now I know why the “X-Files” was the longest running Sci-Fi show in history! It is science fiction mixed in with “Law and Order”. I love all shows that have to do with crime investigation and I think that the “X-Files” now is by far my favorite. I just hate that it only ran for nine seasons!

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