Dec 31, 2008

New Year, New Goals, New Tunes?

So, somehow it became December 31st, 2008. The last day of the year and as of the writing of this post only 9 hours until 2009. (Central Standard Time, of course.) I'm always of the mind set that the new year is a time to start fresh, to take inventory of what the whole year was about.

So what happened in my world in the year 2008....let's see, I started some online collaborations, I waited for the feet of snow to melt, quit my job of 3 years, moved 1500 miles from home, struggled to find a job, suffered a long bout of writer's block, started working online, started this blog, flew home twice, celebrated my first Christmas in, doesn't seem like much. I'm sure I'm forgetting plenty of stuff as well.

But when I look back, what did I really accomplish for myself over the last 12 months? Quite a lot actually, but in retrospect not even close to what I wanted to accomplish. That's the way it always is I guess. Hindsight is always 20/20.

Honestly, out of all the things that I've done or not done, I only regret one thing. And that's not putting the energy toward my music that it really deserves. Creating and playing music has been my release and the creative outlet that I really feel like I can be proud of.

What am I going to do about it? I'm going to make a commitment to work, work, and work on my music. I probably made that same "resolution" last year, so what makes this different? It's different because I'm posting it right here and right now, in front of all my readers that I will honor that commitment. This blog has finally gotten my creative juices flowing and as I sit here typing, cranking the new Shinedown album (Very good by the way), I want to write more than ever and create music that I'm proud of and that people want to listen to.

This new year stuff makes me all sappy. You'd think I was all emo or something. But listen for yourself what I'm striving to create more of in the player on the top right. As 2009 rolls along that list of tunes will only be getting longer.


Blue-Eyed Brunette said...

Go for it. You're accountable now!!
It's day 5 of '09. How's the resolution coming along?

Frye said...

Not so good so far. But your comment helps. I need to get busy! Thanks!

Rick said...

Nice "resolution" for 2009....
It's about damn time.
We need to hear some new stuff.
So get your "finger out"... sharpen that pencil and lay down some tunes in that old, worn out, dirty book of yours..... or even better get a new book and start fresh!!

movin' down the road said...

Looking behind us seems so gratifying, looking ahead is often a fuzziness that is both promising and sometimes feels overwhelming, especially in the creative world. I'm bursting (I paint for a living...canvas and paper, not houses) but at the moment not sure what direction I'm going....but hoping to knock off some goals and learn something great from them

Frye said...

I know it has been too long. The last completed song I wrote was last May! That's sad.

I'm sticking with my old book though. Superstition, I can't move on to a new one until the old one is filled up. That's just how I roll.

Frye said...

It's when the future is as fuzzy as ever that I really want to start kicking some lyrical butt! (And that's right now.)

You paint for a living, that's awesome. My g/f is a great painter but she's in the same boat as me right now, feeling like there's no time and no inspiration.

Best we can do is set those goals and get going on knocking them off one by one!

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