Dec 23, 2008

These Old Strings

I remember a day when my guitar was the love of my life. I would always wash my hands before playing, I would change the strings consistently, I would even sit and rub "her" with a soft cloth to a glittering shine while my friends all stared and told me I was crazy. I wouldn't even dare to put stickers on the case because I wanted to keep everything in prime condition.

But as the years passed the routine became less and less important. The dust started to build, fingerprints became more prevalent, and the strings were almost always dirty and dull sounding with every pick stroke. The case was even covered with a myriad of stickers, tasteful, yet there none the less.

Though, I pick her up most every day, she rarely gets the treatment she deserves. I can't even remember the last time I changed the strings. It has to have been at least 6 months and 1,500 miles in the past. So sad. But despite the dings and the old strings, she still plays on. Maybe not as bright as she did at my high school graduation party when I first set eyes on her, but she puts up with my fumbling fingers anyway.

The more I write, the more I'm thinking of my old '77 Sigma acoustic as a person. And the more I feel like I need to wash my hands, grab a new set of strings, and that soft yellow cloth and treat her like she should be treated.

Being around the holidays, this little story has to do with a lot more than an old guitar. It has to do with taking so many other things for granted. A cheesy moral of the story, I guess so. But true. It's so easy to take things for granted when you have them. But when you don't, you realize too late how important they were.

So go change your metaphorical guitar strings. And Happy Holidays to everyone.


Rick said...

Not so cheesy... alot of truth to what you say. We all sometimes take things for granted.
And yes, that acoustic has traveled a few miles... seen many a new string, and maybe even been neglected a time or two ... but... like home... like family... something you can always go back to... like an old friend that will always be there for you when you are in need, when your ready to make music, when you ready to express what is important to you...
maybe for others to hear, maybe just for you to hear....
As you often say.... Rock on....


Frye said...

So true. Exactly what I was trying to get at.

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