Jan 19, 2009

The Peanut Butter Cup Analogy

We've already discussed my obsession with peanut butter in regards to Nutty Bars in my earlier post, "The Rock Star Rider". Following a very close second to the Nutty Bar would be the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. The delicious combo of creamy peanut butter and chocolate is truly a gift from the Gods. Even my favorite shirt is a bright orange, retro Reese's shirt.

So, you're probably thinking, "what does that have to do with songwriting?" Actually, it has quite a bit to do with songwriting when you consider the killer analogy I'm about to drop in your lap. More than anything this analogy is probably more of a chance to show off my homemade peanut butter cups that are currently rocking my world. (Check out the recipe here, so good. Saw it on the Food Network a while ago and couldn't resist.)

In this mind blowing analogy (this is sarcasm rich, try to keep up) I'm using my homemade peanut butter cups to represent a song. A rich chocolaty, peanut buttery song if you will. Like a song, the peanut butter cup is made of multiple layers, without one of those layers the whole thing just wouldn't work.

We'll start with the idea. This is the whole concept behind what the song is going to be about and be based upon to keep it cohesive from the first note to the last. This will be represented by the paper muffin cup that holds my delicious confection. It's cut to size, specifically catered to hold the form. Without the cup, there can be no cup; without the idea, there can be no song.

Next comes the chocolate which will represent the verses. That first line and whole first verse is the first impression as that top layer of chocolate. Along with that thin layer of chocolate that has taken on that rippled muffin cup shape, spooned in to fit the idea as smoothly as possible, they sandwich the peanut butter filling, which you guessed it, represents the chorus. That melodic hook that is oh so memorable and has you coming back for more. Without the chorus where would the song be; without that peanut butter, the cup would be just that, an empty chocolate cup.

Now since my analogy is kind of falling apart here I'm going to have to improvise when it comes to the bridge. The part of the bridge will be played by the ever so important glass of milk. That glass of milk wraps everything up together and adds something new, bringing things together and cleansing the palate for that next bite, or that next climactic rise of the song which will include that powerful ending. Without the milk, you can sometimes be overwhelmed by the richness and utter confusion of the party that just took place in your mouth. The bridge gives the song an opportunity to get out that last bit of information that really gets the point across.

As far as this analogy goes, I'm out. But anytime I have the opportunity to add my two loves together, songwriting and peanut butter, I'm going to jump on it. I also realize there is much more to a song than this, but forget the technicalities and revel in my cleverness, or lack thereof.

I only hope I can be as proud of my upcoming songs as I am of my beautiful peanut butter cups. (Spoiler alert: my first "new" song is going to be done by next week!)

Anyway, if this hasn't made your mouth water then I don't know what will. And if you're allergic to peanut butter, I am truly sorry for your loss. You are missing out on one of the best creations known to man. If you prefer, you can call this the Mallow Cup Analogy and substitute the recipe accordingly.

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