Jan 10, 2009

Out With The Old, In With The New...Strings That Is

So step one is complete. Like I wrote in my earlier post, "These Old Strings", it was about time for a string change and for good 'ol Siggy (Yes, my guitar's name is Siggy.) to get some much deserved tlc. So, last night, while watching an old episode of "How I Met Your Mother" I peeled off the old strings one by one. The first thing I managed to do as I pulled #6 E off was to jam the end into my finger and send the blood gushing. I think it was Siggy's way off getting back at me. I definitely deserved it.

So after bandaging myself up, I continued, only taking three strings off a time. I applied some of Dr. Stringfellow's fret board conditioner, rubbing the rose wood to it's glorious luster and in the process scrubbing off the dirt from 6 months of my grubby hands.

I also took my soft yellow cloth and gave her a good rub down for old times sake. After stretching out the strings and tuning her up she'll sound like new again. Well, aside from that occasional buzz, but that only gives her character. I mean, give her a break, she's 31 years old!

Step two will be putting her in action once again. Laying down some tracks and letting the world hear what she's made of, and hopefully what I'm made of.

On a side note, my finger still hurts. I stuck that string deep! I might have hit the bone!

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