Sep 20, 2010

Guest Post: Grinding With Tony Little

Guest post written by Kevin Beach

One of my favorite infomercials is Tony Little's Gazelle. As I watched this infomercial on my satellite TV I always had to laugh especially since I could see all his make up with my Direct tv hd service. It looked almost like a cheesy adult movie. I am sure the product works great but I have yet to order a Tony Little Gazelle.

Even though I have never actually ordered the Gazelle I have watched the infomercial multiple times. When Tony Little would mount the Gazelle behind the lady it would make me laugh out loud every single time.

If I had a personal trainer like Tony Gazelle and he was mounted behind me on the Gazelle like he was in the infomercial I would be extremely nervous. Tony Gazelle had a great product with the Gazelle trainer but I do not think he would have been able to sell very many of them if it had only been him on the infomercial. Tony needed the help of a physically fit woman who was beautiful.

I am sure they were extremely nervous the first time the Infomercial went live with him behind the girl on the Gazelle grinding but it all worked out great for Tony Little as sales of his Gazelle trainer went through the roof.

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