Dec 15, 2011

Stay at home

Posted by Filiberto Garcia

Being a stay at home mom has been great for my kids and my family but terrible for my relationship. I know it’s all me but by the time my husband gets home I’m just exhausted from watching DIRECT TV all day and dealing with screaming kids and not really having any adult interaction – it’s no good for any of us. I know my husband really misses the extra income I used to bring in but for now I feel like this is the right decision for all of us because I can give the kids the undivided attention they really need at this young age. But there are definitely times that I wish things were easier between Mark and I and I surely hope we can make it through this tough time. It’s hard being a mom in this day and age and sometimes I feel like I’m totally dependent on my husband or that I’m supposed to be able to do everything AND be a great mom. It’s a lot of pressure for a woman.

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