Oct 18, 2010

Guest Post: Family Guy - My Favorite Fall TV Show Premier

Written by my friend Ian Cruz

My favorite fall TV premier had to be Family Guy, for the sole reason that it reminded me that I should stop wasting my time watching Family Guy. Like a show that focuses solely on the concept of diminishing returns, Family Guy has lost much of the fun of its crass, unapologetic humor that so captured a nation just a few years ago. In fact, it has gone as stale as a piece of french bread sitting out in the afternoon sun, a bread that was once very delicious.

The episode is a parody of some old murder mystery show no one under the age of thirty even remembers. This only heightens the fact that Family Guy is obsessed with parodies, which after I while lose all humor and substance. Still, this is why this premier was so riveting. It made me realize I need to spend more time outside, and not on Family Guy. In fact, there was not a single memorable moment from the entire show, and the only good joke concerned Quagmire's tepid reaction to his fat girlfriend. This was the most shocking part of the episode, since normally Quagmire is a one trick pony who has no range whatsoever. Yet this episode he was the star, and perhaps that is another reason why Family Guy was my favorite fall TV show premier. I watched the show via FOX on satellite TV from directstartv.com.

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