Mar 9, 2009


How many of you out there believe in luck? For me it's hard not to sometimes. But other times, it's hard to imagine that it's nothing more than superstition, something that's just in my head and steering me in the wrong direction, a path that leads away from personal responsibility.

What would you consider luck? Finding a penny on the sidewalk, or maybe even a $20 bill? How about snagging the last couple of seats for a very high profile show? What about landing a great job when you weren't even looking for it? If one or more of these things happened to you, you might consider yourself lucky. They all have that feeling of right place, right time. But is it luck, some magical presence that floats in the air and randomly chooses whomever? Or is it just that, random coincidence?

I've been thinking about the concept lately and how much it alters the way people think about things and how they act. Whether luck is a real thing or not, that superstitious side can easily take over and ruin or inflate your confidence whichever side of that "luck" you are on. I've found myself using the word much too often and I have to step back and think; are good things not happening because I'm unlucky or because I'm not making good things happen for myself because I consider myself an unlucky fool? Is luck something you have to make on your own?

Those are good questions and even though I'm a superstitious kind of person sometimes, (If I see a penny face down on the ground I won't pick it up and I don't even think the word no-hitter when the Sox have one going.) but I have come to that realization that luck can't run my life, I have to.

I mention all of this because of song that I've been working on for quite some time now. I wrote the original lyric and guitar riff almost a year ago, applying to someone else, but now being jobless and running out of cash with my music struggling to take form, it's most definitely turned into a tune mostly about the crap I'm trying to dig my way through.

It should be the next tune that pops into my Reverbnation music player in top right of the page. The working title right now is "Lucky Number". It's well overdue for completion, along with this job hunt.

May luck be with you. Rock on!

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