Mar 22, 2009

Off-Topic Sunday - Basketball and Dogs

Today is definitely a basketball day. No offense music, but KU is playing today and I'm living in THE college town of Lawrence.

Sunday is also just a good chill day. I used to be stuck working every Sunday, slaving away and missing the coolness that is the weekend. I guess that's the one good thing about being jobless, I've got my Sunday back. (One of the only good things about being jobless.)

Today is definitely a nice day (60's and breezy) and me and KJ have made a good habit of taking the Kode-man for a good Sunday walk. That's me using Koda as a pillow above.

We really want our own dog but we're being patient and pretending with our roommates dog in the meantime. We're shooting for a husky, man, we're obsessed with huskies. It would be nice to get two so she'd have a friend. We'll wait though. Especially until I have a decent job. And maybe after I get a nice new electric-acoustic guitar. Well, probably before that.


Me-Me King said...

I love kickin' back on Sunday with my Akita, Soco. You might find the Akita a great companion dog.

Frye said...

Those are definitely beautiful looking dogs as well. We're looking into all kinds of other breeds in case the day comes and we can't find a husky.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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