Mar 18, 2009

Word Box Wednesday #2 - Missing

So it's Word Box Wednesday again. Have you been thinking about the word of the week? In case you missed it the word was missing.

The whole idea behind WBW was to challenge all you readers out there to see what the songwriting process is all about. Well, at least a part of it and with a interesting technique that I use sometimes. More than anything, this process is to give people a greater appreciation for words. Once you focus on a word, analyze it, and really wrap your mind around what the word means to you and how it applies to you, you can have an idea what I go through on a daily basis when it comes to putting them into a song.

I thought about the word "missing" quite a bit. To me it applied to my job search and the frustration that it has brought on. I continually think, what am I missing, what I am doing wrong? That thought gave birth to a simple chorus that I have yet to elaborate on.

What am I missing?/Is it worth searching?/What what what will it take?/What will I feel?/What am I missing?

The idea is still fresh in my mind and the job search is still frustrating as ever so I feel this song taking some life sometime soon.

Now is the time for this weeks word. First the shake (commence the shaking), then the open (off comes the lid), the reach in (shuffle things around a little more, avoiding the paper cut), and pull out:

So what have you had enough of? What do you not have enough of? What does that word mean to you and how does it apply? Let me know in the comments below. We'll be back with "enough" next Wedneday. Rock on!

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