Mar 31, 2009

Thank You Blockbuster

I haven't felt like I've had a lot of reasons to get out of the house lately. And you know what, it's driving me insane! I've developed some very bad habits and I haven't been getting much accomplished in the past couple of weeks.

I know there is plenty I can do, especially on the job front. But I've resigned myself to applying and applying, mostly online, and trying to let things play out. I know, not a good strategy. I've snagged myself one interview only to be turned down. It shouldn't drag me down but it was definitely a hard one to take, especially because I was already lowering my employment standards to begin with. I mean, you don't need a college degree to stock shelves now do you?

But anyway, most of my days have been spent wasting away in my apartment. I've been playing and singing quite a bit, I guess that's a one highlight from the darkness. Overall, I'm lucky I'm not getting fat. I have Koda to thank for that, he takes me out for at least two 15-20 minute walks everyday. Or is it the other way around, I don't know.

Though my car is finally street legal, it's been resting up for quite some time in the garage. Only getting a glimpse of true daylight on the weekends. Until today that is, thanks to Blockbuster. If it weren't for Blockbuster's late fees I probably wouldn't have left the neighborhood. It felt good, even it was only for 15 minutes or so.

I need to make a habit of taking the car out for a breather. I don't liking going out for no reason but maybe parking somewhere and roaming the streets one of these days would net me a job. Or maybe I should take my roommate's suggestion and take my guitar downtown on one of these nice days we're bound to have soon and play my heart out for some change in my guitar case.

Although, if I'm going out in public it would may be a good idea to shave, and maybe shower, and put on some pants. (Just kidding on the pants thing. Not putting pants on daily is one bad habit that I haven't developed yet. But who knows, it does sound comfy.)

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