Apr 10, 2009

And The Tradition Continues

I have an on going tradition that has been alive since I've had the ability to drive as well as play cd's in my car. Even before that really, as sometimes I'd copy my cd's over to cassette so I could blast them in my first car that I drove to and from high school. (See From The CD Shelf, Our Lady Peace - Spiritual Machines)

This tradition involves the purchasing of new albums, immediately unwrapping them in the store parking lot, rolling down the windows, weather permitting, and taking the long route home to give my new purchase(s) the loud justice they deserve.

The tradition has taken a back seat lately as my cd purchasing has been few and far between with this lack of job crap. You know, this whole trying to be responsible stuff which I'm not doing to well with considering I don't even have a job. But my thirst for new music can't be held off too long and I'm the kind of person (apparently the rare kind of person recently) that likes to buy music and hold the album in his hand rather than download on the internet, whether it be legal or illegal.

I made the mistake of tempting myself a bit too much yesterday as I figured I'd change things up by getting out of the house for once. After filling my gas tank, I headed to Best Buy to kill some time. Being a media freak, whether it be music, movies, video games, or computers, Best Buy is one those places I could waste half a day (which is why I applied for a job there). If I happen to waste half of the day there, it's hard to come out empty handed. As was the case yesterday.

Earlier I had rummaged through my wallet and I found an old gift card that ended up having about $20 left on it, so I reasoned with myself that it was ok to pick out a cd or something else that was $20 or less. I took my sweet time picking something out, long enough where I got asked if I needed help 3 times, twice by the same guy. (Some people may see that as annoying but I say that's good service!)

Since Wii games are usually in the $50 price range I settled on a cd after my third trip through the section. (Each time I passed through I kept telling myself just because I had $20 it didn't mean I had to spend it.) Nothing really popped out except for the deluxe edition of the new album by Hinder titled "Take It To The Limit". I'm not a huge fan, but I really enjoyed their first album and they also put on a pretty good live show as KJ and I caught them when they played in Orono, Maine a couple of years ago.

If you haven't heard of Hinder, they are the epitome of the sex, drugs, and rock & roll rockers. This is not just evident in their songs like "Use Me" off this latest album and their hit "Get Stoned" from their first album, but also their album art.

I was given a little suprise when I tore open the package to the album in the Best Buy parking lot. I slid the cardboard case out of the outer cardboard sleeve and folded it open to be introduced to album art that is nothing short of pornographic. Nothing raunchy in my mind (Americans as a whole are a little prudish if you ask me) but there is plenty of female nudity and party pics with the band throughout, truly showcasing their I-don't-give-a-crap attitude about their perspective on rock & roll.

(What does a pineapple with sunglasses have to do with anything? I don't know, I just wanted another picture and I'm stupid.)

I guess I should have taken the adult content label a little more seriously when I picked it up but overall I think it's kinda funny and you gotta salute the band for doing it despite the controversy that it could bring. This album is definitely staying on a high shelf for when my kids decide they want to take a look through my music collection, when that time comes.

Overall, "Take It To The Limit" is a decent album. Upbeat tunes balanced with some touchy ballads, great melodies and the raunchy kind of writing that you'd expect from the band. (I can't say it's any worse subject-wise than what Nickelback has been putting out the last couple of albums.) It was a little chilly so I kept the windows mostly up for this long drive home but even with a full tank of gas and the long route home I still didn't get through the 17 tracks on this deluxe edition.

It probably won't be for a while but I can't wait for my next album purchase so I can keep the tradition going strong. Rock on!

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