Apr 21, 2009

Message To My Readers and Fellow Entrecarders

If you read my message below you'll see I'm heading out of town (more like half way across the country) for a week. Since I'm not very technologically advanced my blog posts and Entrecard drops are going to be struggling a bit in the next week.

I think my connectivity rating is probably a 2 out of 10. No internet on my cell phone, no laptop with wi-fi; I won't be blog posting from airport terminals or Tweeting from an airport tarmac.

So as far as Entrecard is concerned I won't be consistently dropping back like I always do for the next week, so don't take offense. I really appreciate you dropping and I'll make up for it when I get back.

And for all you other readers, I'll be hitting up a computer when I can so keep checking back. I really appreciate all my readers and all my Entrecard droppers, you're a major motivation for me to keep this blog rolling.

Keep rockin' everyone!

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