Apr 14, 2009

Entrecard 300 Drops, WTH!

So this is very off topic and readers that aren't members of Entrecard probably won't understand. None the less, I had to say something.

As you know if you're an Entrecard member, EC has a 300 drop a day limit. Yesterday I decided that I'd try to rack up some credits, first off, by getting my daily drops in. 300 doesn't sound like that much so I figured it wouldn't be a big deal. Maybe take me an hour or a little more.

Holy crap, not even close! It took me close to a full day of off and on dropping. I decided to use a new technique which was to use the Firefox EC toolbar like Graham suggested thinking it would give me some speed but after a little while I'd start hitting blogs that didn't have a widget so the toolbar vanished or blogs that no longer exist. It turned out to be a nightmare.

I finally hit 300 sometime around 6:30 in the evening after starting late morning. I've read on a lot of blogs that some people make it a habit of dropping their max 300 every day. So for those of you out there, fill me in, how do you do it?

I'm definitely not making a run at 300 today. I think I'll stick with my normal technique of hitting back my faves and also those that drop me. So far that's been my best method but I tend not to find new blogs. Any insight is welcome. I'd appreciate it.


Eli said...

I start by visiting all the people that visited me yesterday. Most of those folks are active users and most have the widgets if they're doing so. It does still take time though.

Frye said...

No matter what I know it's going to take time. I think hitting the 300 mark for me will be left for rainy days.

Thanks for the tip! Keep rockin'!

Mr. New Dilemma said...

Well, I definately break it up. It can be a bit tedious to try all at one time. I definately use the toolbar, but the last 70 or so drops are for thos in my inbox who I haven't dropped on. One thing that helps is not having to get caught up in reading a blog you read yesterday that has not updated. So if you have the blog in your favorites of your toolbar, you can cruise through and not read the unupdated site, just drop and go.

Frye said...

That definitely slows me down. As much as I am on these blogs for credits I'm definitely checking out the content. I usually do just blow on the ones that aren't updated.

It's good to hear someone using the toolbar to success. Thanks for the tips.

Sandi said...

I do more than one blog! haha I can do one blog in about 45 minutes IF I power drop and don't read content. That is not easy because I love to stop and read. (as you can see) Anyway I use the toolbar yes. But the trick is to first drop from your inbox. Then go to All and Most Popular. Those will all have widgets and are the most popular blogs so they will most likely return the drop as well.

Frye said...

That's really good advice. Thanks for the input Sandi. I still don't think 300 a day is in the cards for me, just because I don't have the patience most days and I like to read, but that will definitely help me maximize my drop potential.

Mamaflo said...

I drop 300 per day but not at one setting. I drop only from my inbox (which took me awhile to build to over 400 a day). I don't work outside the home so it's easier than it would be for someone that works and has lots of other responsibilities. You'll find your stride just stick with it.

Frye said...

Thanks, I appreciate the words of encouragement.

Harrison said...

My time is too valuable to do that and it defeats the purpose of Entrecard.

Frye said...

I've found that I drop when I have the time and use the credits that I can get the best I can.

Since it does take so long, I don't hold myself to get 300 credits a day b/c I really feel like I have other things that could be more productive. But right now while I'm sick, I'm definitely taking advantage of the extra time. ;-)

Thanks for the comment.

Sybella said...

~~and I thought you dropped on my blog because you thought it was special... I do hope you will return.

The blogs I like to read I keep in my favorites. And start the day logged into Entrecard so that when I read them I can drop while there.
I try to drop on the people who have dropped on me and all those who have let me on their widget.

I also tend to like to use the History in my favorites because I can open up several windows consecutively then read and drop, and pick the next from favorites before I leave to the next open window. I can open up several and just go through them sequentially. I find doing it this way means I spend less time waiting for the site to download and open...

hope...you drop on me some more! I really like what I have read so far on your blog.


Frye said...

I definitely will return. My original intent for dropping was to let people know that I appreciated their blogs, and it still is. I don't always drop on everyone I visit. Currently, I'm just experimenting with getting extra credits so I can get my ads and my blog out there for people.

That's definitely a good strategy, it's not too different from what I originally used.

I appreciate your comments and I'm glad you enjoy my blog. I hope you continue to return, I will most definitely returning to yours.

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