Apr 21, 2009

It's Finally Time...I'm Going Home

I thought April 22nd seemed like it was ages away but it's almost here. Tomorrow morning (very early tomorrow morning), KJ and I heading to the airport in Kansas City to hitch a flight to Portland, Maine. That's with a connector in Chicago. Once we arrive we're heading straight down to Massachusetts so we can be involved with our roommates wedding in New Hampshire on Friday.

(Wow, I didn't realize how many states this involved until this very minute.)

On Saturday we're driving back up to Maine to spend some time with our fams before heading back to Kansas next Tuesday. It's going to be a hectic and very long week, but it will be worth it. I'm still coughing up a lung and though my sinus congestion is much better, I'm afraid this could be a bit miserable. I'm hoping for the best though and doing all I can to at least get better by Friday.

We still haven't done any packing. That's my job for today. (Here I am procrastinating by writing this message.) I also wanted to clean this place up a bit so we don't come back to a hell hole. My plan is to polish up my guitar and put her to bed for the first time in a long time so she doesn't collect more dust than necessary. I wish I could take her with me but putting her through baggage claim sketches me out something wicked. Plus, I don't think I'd have much opportunity to play. (I'm here close to 24/7 and I've barely touched her lately. Sad.)

Being sick is way more distracting to my personal writing process than I wish it was. I'm easily distracted anyway but when I'm constantly coughing, sneezing, and amazingly frustrated for being sick in the first place, it doesn't bode well for my state of mind or my creativity. (I know excuses, excuses but I'm a finicky artist.)

But anyway, enough procrastinating, I need to get to work. It's going to be a long week my friends. Keep rockin!

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