Nov 7, 2010

Guest Post: Breaking Into a New Writing Genre

Guest post written by Shannon Piper

I've been a journalist since I was in high school when I was an editor for the school newspaper. I continued writing in college when I started writing for the student paper and even though I work in the corporate world now, I still write an occasional piece as a freelance journalist for a web site or newspaper here or there. But I really want to start writing fiction more.

I got a few of my fiction pieces published in my college's literary magazine. I was thinking about that the other day and actually found the link on the magazine's website when I ran across some info about DIRECTV internet bundle prices and showed it to my roommates. I think I may switch our internet over to it once I get some more details.

What I'm really excited about doing is breaking into horror writing though because that's the thing that I love reading the most. I also think that it's probably the most challenging thing to write, so that's another reason why I'm drawn to it.

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