Nov 5, 2010

Never Going "Away"

As much as I'm trying to work on new tunes (quite unsuccessfully I might add), I can't help but turn back the clock and get hooked on some of my old tunes. I guess I get a little sucked in by the feeling of accomplishment that I felt back then when I was satisfied with what I was doing at the time. Every once in a while I just sit here and listen to nothing but my "FryeTunes" playlist.

It feels a little weird in some ways. I'm not sure why. But overall it's just nice to sit back and think about what I've created. On a good day it motivates me to work harder thinking, "If I could do that then, why not something even better now?"

You know one of the best things about music? Once it's there, it's never gone. You can't uncreate something. You can change it, you can try to forget about it, you can even delete the files off your computer. But it will always be there in the back of your head somewhere just waiting to come out again.

Personally, whether I like some of my songs or not, I like to keep them around to show where I've been, feel good about where I am now and strive to kick so much more musical ass in the future.

The song below is an old one that tends to get stuck in my head. Not in a bad, Katy Perry kinda way either. Getting a band together and revamping this one would be a treat. If only I could get the hang of playing it and singing it at the same time. As old as it is in my book (we're talking almost 6 years now), I've never played it live and I still can't quite get the vocals and the rhythm to match up without tweaking myself out. The fingers do what they want sometimes.

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