Nov 18, 2010

Guest Post: The Stand Is My Favorite Book

Posted by Ambrose Mills

The best book I have ever read is The Stand by Stephen King. This book is one I was not able to put down and that was a problem, because it is a very long book. The country is infected with a nasty virus that kills the majority of the population.

A small percentage is immune to the virus and they cross the country to come together. Some of the people dream about an old woman named Abigail Freemantle that directs them to Boulder, Co. They set up a community where everyone is free and they work together to survive. Others dream about a bad guy named Randall Flagg and this group comes together in Las Vegas, NV. Those that are controlled by Randall Flagg are looking to dominate those in Boulder and he has set Trashcan man, an arsonist to look for weapons in the desert to destroy the good people in Boulder.

Trashcan man locates an atomic bomb that is activated by what appears to be the hand of god, killing everyone including a few good people from Boulder and that is the end of the evil Randall Flagg. Reading this book really made me consider good and evil.

When I'm not reading I watch Directv programming. Many of Stephen King's books have been turned into movies and they are all pretty good.

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