Nov 6, 2010

Guest Post: Nothing Like a Scary Book

Guest post written by Walter Greene

I'm not sure how horror writers come up with all the crazy things that they write in their books, but I'm kind of in awe of it. I just wish that I could come up with half of the stuff that they create. I realize some of the stuff they write about is inspired by real life things, but I'm still amazed.

I like to read reviews and blogs about new horror books that are coming out with my Direct TV Internet. That keeps me pretty busy, especially now with all the vampire books that are popular now. Although most of those are aimed at the romantic preteen crowd and I just prefer the scary stuff.

One of my friends made a joke the other day that I never read anything that isn't a scary book. I told him that that was probably true, but I have read other books before. I am a big fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald, so every now and then I'll reread The Great Gatsby.

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