Nov 3, 2010

A Career In Music Production?

Ever since I started playing guitar, joined a band, and made music an everyday passion that I can't live without, I've thought about what it would be like to make music my career. Who doesn't think about turning their love into something that could make them money and become their livelihood? It's almost like living in a dream world to imagine a life in music production, whether it be writing songs, performing them, dabbling in video production, or even in the broad scope of things, taking a try at voice acting. (I'd say that would be kind of a stretch for me but it still sounds interesting.)

All those thoughts multiply after I stumble on sites like that of production company Studio Center. Their services cover everything from audio production, video production, and voice over work to jingle writing. Basically everything you would need to make your company stand out in the world of broadcast advertising. Really, the whole idea behind Studio Center's business falls pretty close to what I spent 4 years of my life learning about; marketing.

I attended college for business and a lot of the curriculum focused on advertising and overall marketing of everyday businesses. We even had the opportunity to take a stab at tv commercial production in the process of creating a product's complete advertising campaign. Around the same time I was truly discovering how important music was to me and I wrote a song about the issue of price-fixing in the airline industry which I performed in front of class in a crazy get up. I even wrote a jingle for my parents' business. (With moderate success.)

It is nice to think about working for a company like Studio Center, turning music into money for not only myself but other people, and actually using some of that knowledge I gained from college that I currently seem to be wasting printing t-shirts and being super uncreative. Not that it couldn't be possible someday, but unfortunately, the important thing now is making the dough. Writing jingles and making music videos can be a creative way to pass the time and keep my brain working but for now I'll leave the media production to the pros.

Rock on!

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